$$Twenties from Heaven$$

I woke up yesterday morning and took my two chihuahuas out for a walk. Usually, I just let them do their business and then I bring them back inside. I felt like I should really start walking them at least around the block, just to give them exercise and also to give the puppy practice being on the leash and… Read more →

Turn the Page

Once there was a little girl who turned to her family at three years old and said, “I want to be an actress!” She may have said it with a little flair and drama. Family giggled and said, “Yes, dear.” That girl grew and kept repeating that phrase, “I want to be an actress.” She got older and started taking… Read more →

The Line in the Sand

Where are we drawing the line in our lives with God? Are we willing to do anything He leads us into doing? Do we only want to do the fun stuff? Are we living our life the way we want and promising we’ll do what God wants later? Paul was a tentmaker. Everywhere he went, he preached and he made… Read more →

Quit Fighting

I’ve managed to get myself back into a regular workout routine this fall. Praise the Lord! My favourite type of workout is yoga. While I was doing a class, I had a little mini-epiphany: “What if I quit fighting?” Ok, let me give you a little back story. I am a recovering perfectionist; some days more recovered than others. You… Read more →

When Your Season is Unexpected

I live in Los Angeles. One thing you find out quickly by living here is that seasons don’t really happen or at least they don’t happen like you’d expect. Growing up in Colorado the seasons were always very distinct and they happened when the calendar said they would. We have this strange thing in LA where just as everyone (in… Read more →

Love and Loss

My precious grandma passed away a few weeks ago. She was 96 years old. Her breath slowed, then stopped and that was it. She was sleeping and then she woke up in heaven. I prayed for the last few years that her passing would happen in her sleep. It just seems like the best way to leave this world. Her… Read more →

The Senseless Violence

As I was celebrating the freedom of being an American citizen over this past week, two beautiful Americans were shot. No crime, no jury, no conviction – just shot. This alone is tragic. The fact their skin color bears the history of racism just rips open centuries of wounds. I’m white. Yet, I don’t really see people based on their… Read more →