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Doodles of hope

How My Daughters Killed the Cynic

Last night I was talking on the phone with relatives and I was doodling on the whiteboard that happened to be sitting in front of me. The marker wasn’t really working well, but I liked the distraction it was providing for my hands. Here’s what I drew… Now I know what you’re thinking… “That’s…umm…interesting.” Here’s what happened at my house. I’m finishing… Read more →

$$Twenties from Heaven$$

I woke up yesterday morning and took my two chihuahuas out for a walk. Usually, I just let them do their business and then I bring them back inside. I felt like I should really start walking them at least around the block, just to give them exercise and also to give the puppy practice being on the leash and… Read more →

Turn the Page

Once there was a little girl who turned to her family at three years old and said, “I want to be an actress!” She may have said it with a little flair and drama. Family giggled and said, “Yes, dear.” That girl grew and kept repeating that phrase, “I want to be an actress.” She got older and started taking… Read more →

Love Pours Out Best Through Broken Hearts

“If God is good, why would God allow that to happen?” You can fill in whatever “that” is for you. We’ve all had something (or many things) happen in our life that absolutely breaks our heart – some great loss or disappointment, some life stopping occurrence. It is natural to wonder why God would allow it to happen, to cry… Read more →

You are a Unique Masterpiece!!

Once you begin to truly understand how much God loves you, there is still another hole you may find lurking in your heart. You see, God created us ladies with a deep desire to be beautiful and for our beauty to be appreciated. For most of us, our enemy, the father of lies, has twisted this desire to let us… Read more →

You Are Deeply Loved

I want you to imagine you’ve just finished a workout and you are at the grocery store grabbing a few bits of food for your day. As you are picking out your peppers, you get the feeling that someone is watching you. You casually look around and see this gorgeous man smiling at you. You look away and then sneak… Read more →